Dressing Rooms and Pre-Game Arrival (Etobicoke Dolphins)

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Dressing Rooms and Arrival Times

U11 & Above Divisions
Men (including fathers, guardians and staff) are strictly forbidden from entering the dressing rooms for any reason except for male coaches and trainers who may enter for the final 10 minutes prior to each game, or 5 minutes post game, to do their line-up, a lesson or a chalk-talk [once the all-clear has been given by a woman in attendance]. Care must be taken to ensure all players are dressed prior to entering the dressing room. The “2-Deep” rule must be observed at all times, i.e. no adult (male or female) should ever be alone in the dressing room with the players.

Girls who are ready early will be asked to come out of the dressing rooms to have their skates tied if needed.

This policy is mandatory and non-negotiable, at the U11 division and up. Every player's privacy must be respected and there will be no exceptions to the rule. If your player is new to hockey or otherwise needs helps dressing, you may wish to bring her to the arena dressed in her hockey equipment (except for skates which they put on at the arena) – whatever works best for you.

Players should arrive in plenty of time to get ready. Coaches may ask all non-players to leave the dressing room for the final 10 minutes prior to each game in order to do a lesson, “chalk-talk” or otherwise prepare the players for the game. The coaches may also ask for a few minutes with the players only following the game for comments and cheers. If a player arrives late and cannot be dressed 10 minutes prior to the game, the coach may ask the player to dress in the washroom or otherwise wait until they have spoken to the team prior to the game.