High Performance Program (Etobicoke Dolphins)

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The Etobicoke Dolphins  High Performance Program (HPP) is a comprehensive initiative designed to enhance the skills and development of young female hockey players within the Etobicoke Dolphins Girls Hockey League. It brings together players from the U13AA, U15AA, U18AA and U22AA teams to foster collaboration and growth across all levels.
Key features of the program include:

1. Unified Development: The HPP integrates a cohesive skills and development program across all participating teams, ensuring consistency and alignment in training methodologies and player development strategies.
2. Whole Player Development Philosophy: The program prioritizes the holistic development of players, focusing not only on their on-ice skills but also on their off-ice attributes such as leadership, teamwork, and character development.
3. High-Level Competition: Players in the HPP are selected based on their commitment and potential to excel at the U13, U15, U18, and U22 AA levels. The program provides a platform for these dedicated athletes to compete at the highest levels of the sport.
4. Collaborative Environment: Coaches, staff, and players within the HPP work together in a collaborative environment, fostering teamwork, mutual support, and a shared commitment to excellence.
5. Opportunities for All: The HPP is dedicated to providing every deserving athlete with the opportunity to participate and compete at the highest levels of hockey. The program aims to create an inclusive environment where players can thrive and reach their full potential.
For more information about the Etobicoke Dolphins HiHh Performance Program, interested individuals can contact the HPP Director, Joe Butkevich,