U7 Tyke Initiation Program (Etobicoke Dolphins)

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PrintU7 Tyke Initiation Program
Registration will open in June 7th for players born in 2018, 2019, and 2020!

House League players can register @ http://etobicokedolphinsghl.rampregistrations.com/

Early Bird Special until June 29th 
U7 House League - $700        
Fees after June 29th
U7 House League - $750

U7 Initiation Program Includes:

Saturdays 9:15am to 10:15am starting on September 7th @ Ford Performance Center Rink #4.
Sundays 7:15am to 8:15am starting on September 8th @ Ford Performance Center Rink #4.

U7 Initiation Program Overview

What is the Initiation Program?

The Initiation Program (IP) is a Hockey Canada sponsored program that introduces the basic skills of hockey in a fun and safe environment, and focuses on the development of skills in a non-competitive environment. Jerseys & socks are provided to all registered players.

The Goals of the IP Program are the following:

To have fun while playing hockey and engaging in physical activity.
To learn the basic skills required to-play the game of hockey.
To develop an understanding of basic teamwork through participation in a variety of activities and adapted game situations.
To create and refine basic motor skill patterns.
To be introduced to the concepts of cooperation and fair play.
The Initiation Program recommends the following practice time allotment:
85% technical skills
15% individual tactics
0% team tactics
0% team play
0% strategy
Click here for more information on the Hockey Canada Initiation Program.

Required Equipment:

Please insure your player is properly equipped, below is a listing of the required equipment. To insure their safety, if your player does not have all the equipment listed below they will not be permitted on the ice.

Protective Pelvic Protector (Jill)
Shin pads (proper size and length)
Socks (provided by the League)  and garter belt (or undergarment with Velcro to hold socks)
Hockey Pants (proper size and length)
Shoulder Pads (proper size & length)
Elbow Pads (proper size)
Skates – properly fitted and sharpened
Neck guard (BNQ certified) which is neither too loose nor too tight
Jersey (provided by the League)
Mouth guard (proper size) – Mandatory
Hockey helmet and face mask (Must be CSA approved and properly fitted)
Hockey Gloves (proper size – avoid short cuffs as they do not provide proper protection against slashes to the wrist area)
Stick – properly measured while on skates – should be at chin level; end of stick (knob) must be thick enough to not fit through any face mask openings

Steps To Put on Equipment

For beginners, all of this equipment may seem overwhelming. No worries, these simple instructions will help.

It all starts with some good, breathable long undergarments.
Put on your groin protection over top of your undergarments. The jill has velcro strips , these should be facing out.
Next put on your shin pads using the velcro to secure them to your legs – not too tight. If they are too tight it will be abrasive on your player's legs when they are skating making it uncomfortable.
Slide your socks over the shins pads and secure with them the velcro on the jill. Optional: shin pad tape helps with securing the shin pad to stop if from moving. Again, make sure it’s not too tight.
Put on the pants cinching them at the waist – again a snug fit, not too tight. Some pants will have a “belt” to cinch and some may have a string to tie or both,  Older pants may have suspenders which loop over the shoulder.
Now tie up the skates. Make sure you have the correct length of lace and the laces are through all of the eyelets – including the top one, this is necessary for proper ankle support and energy transfer. Avoid looping the excess laces around the ankle as this can make the skates feel uncomfortable and cause cramping in the foot. Double and triple loop the laces as an alternative to looping the laces around the ankle.
Now it’s time for the shoulder pads. It may be hard to distinguish back from front. The front of the shoulder pad will have a protective pad which covers more area (i.e. larger) than the back protective pad. You will pull them over the head and secure them with velcro under the arms around the rib cage and velcro strips around the bicep.
Elbow pads are next. These may be slide on or velcro straps. Make sure the elbow is covered and they do not slide too much.
Now pull on that Dolphins jersey over top.
Now add the neck guard.
Mouth guard.
Time to put on the helmet. Securing the two straps for the facemask at the side of the helmet and the chin strap. Adjust the chin strap so it’s snug (you can get a finger underneath) and snap it on.
Grab the gloves and stick and have FUN!!!!