Coaching Staff for the 2024-2025 Season

We’re ecstatic about the great coaching staff we have lined up for the 2024-2025 season. If you are interested in any of the teams please reach out the coach directly using the contact information supplied. Teams that do not have coach listed indicates it is a planned team and we are currently looking for a coach.

U22 Elite 

U22 Elite Joe Butkevich 647-403-9877


U18AA Wayne Gagne  
U18A Doug Reid  
U18BB(W) Scott Walling 647-295-8102
U18BB(N) Mark Noesch
U18B(P) Adam Peeler  
U18B(M) Graham Mackenzie  


U15AA Mike Fuoco 647-979-5318
U15A(B) Stephanie Barnhardt  
U15A(W) Jeff Webster  
U15BB Mark Kelton  
U15B Mike Pilato 416-722-5924


U13AA Jonathon Poffley 647-300-5763
U13A Ilana Smith  
U13BB Ryan Bradshaw 416.988.3810
U13B David Hatch


U11A Michael Chivers  647-402-7471
U11BB Jennifer Moad  
U11B Mark Noesch


U9A Sarah Skinner 647-938-2158
U9B Ryan Harvey